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At LANGUAGE CATCHER™, we focus on quality whilst offering competitive & fair prices. We will provide you with a firm quote prior to commencing our translation work. Our pricing is determined by several factors:

  • Word count of source text

  • Complexity or technicality of the source text 

  • Language combination (source & target languages)

  • Format, layout & legibility of source text

  • Volume & length

  • Turnaround time & urgency


A minimum charge applies for all translation jobs. Our rates for translation services are based on the number of words of the source text (English or French).

Identification documents - Translation by NAATI certified translator

This type of documents will usually incur a flat fee per page calculated on the basis of the factors listed above. Standard documents include:

  • Birth Certificates

  • Marriage Certificates

  • Death Certificates

  • Police Checks

  • Drivers License

  • Identification Cards

  • Divorce Certificates

  • School Diplomas

  • University Degrees

  • Passports

Standard documents - Translation by NAATI certified translator

These documents are priced on a "per 100 word" basis according to the level of complexity, deadline and other factors listed above. These documents include, for example ​standard & academic documents such as CV/resumes, academic transcripts, reference letters.

Specialised and technical documents​ - Translation by NAATI certified translator

These documents are also priced on a"per 100 word" basis and require specific linguistic & professional expertise in a particular field (e.g legal, financial, engineering or marketing). Specialised documents will incur a higher charging rate to reflect the level of complexity, time, expertise, length and expertise required.


Large documents & projects - Translation by NAATI certified translator

Large documents are often priced based on a "per word" basis (e.g contracts, brochures). Projects such as website localisation, book/novel translation may be negotiated on a separate, fixed-fee basis. Please contact us for further information.

Editing & Proofreading

Due to the variable nature of the work, both services are charged per hour at different rates. On occasions, it may be possible to apply a rate per word or per project. The amount of effort & time required in proofreading and editing is very much dependent on the quality of the material presented.

Urgent or Express translation

  • Urgent jobs are subject to an additional charge (minimum 25%) for assignments which require overnight/weekend/same day deliveries.

Notary Services

These fees are separate from the translation process and notarisation by a Notary Public will incur an additional fee.


Unlike other professional industries, there is no standard/benchmark industry rate and language professionals are free to set their own fees. The old expression : "you get what you pay for" is very much relevant in this context and a low quote may not necessarily be the best deal. The use of machine translation and outsourcing websites has given the false impression to consumers that quality translations of any type of document can be done quickly, and for cheap. Unfortunately, this is far from the truth. Cheap and poor quality translations may result in additional costs later down the track (e.g further costs & time to fix a poor translation) as well as loss of business reputation or personal credibility and rejection of your translated documents by various administrative authorities or education providers. You do not want to save pennies at the expense of quality—but you do want to work with a professional translation company who respects your budget and quality requirements.

At LANGUAGE CATCHER™, we do not cut corners and have your interests, reputation and credibility at heart. Our quotes are tailored to be competitive without compromising on the quality level required.

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