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Always Prepared

Legal translation is a highly specialised and complex field that requires terminological precision, conceptual exactness, consistency as well as a thorough understanding of the law of the source language and the target language. Our founder specialises in legal translation and has extensive knowledge of the French legal system (civil law) and the Australian legal system (common law). Lawyer-linguists at LANGUAGE CATCHER™ are able to bridge the gap seamlessly between diverse languages and legal systems in areas as diverse as commercial/contract law, corporate finance, criminal law, IP, international trade and litigation. We translate a variety of legal documents including, but not limited to:

  • commercial and corporate documents (articles of association, company's statutes, shareholders' agreements)

  • Immigration & visa documents

  • contracts (joint-venture, international distribution), licensing agreements, lease agreements

  • intellectual property agreements (copyright, trade mark, patents, consumer laws)

  • privacy policies and terms of use

  • discovery documents & e-discovery (litigation proceedings)

  • court documents (affidavits, court orders & decisions & transcripts)

  • International arbitration awards,

  • Wills and deeds, Powers of Attorney, family law and criminal law

  • tax documents, foreign legislation

  • journal articles & reports (legal)


At LANGUAGE CATCHER™, we understand the importance of security and confidentiality in the legal industry and all information shared during the translation process is treated with the utmost confidentiality.  Our confidentiality & privacy protocols ensure that your information is fully protected. We can also sign any non-disclosure agreements or additional security clearances you may require. We fully comply with our obligations on confidentiality and professional conduct under the official AUSIT Code of Ethics endorsed by the National Accreditation Authority for Translators and Interpreters (NAATI).

LANGUAGE CATCHER NAATI Translation French English
LANGUAGE CATCHER NAATI Translation French English


Audio-visual translation & Transcription

We offer audiovisual and subtitling/captioning services for TV programs, movies, videos, DVDs and web-only videos. Examples of projects include:​

  • TV broadcasts & documentaries,

  • feature films, corporate & marketing videos, YouTube videos,

  • educational & training videos and webcasts

  • video games 

We also convert audio and video files into text documents through our quality transcription services:

  • interviews, teleconferences, podcast & webcasts, closed captions,

  • legal transcriptions, academic lectures,

  • meetings and conferences, TV & radio shows 

Voice-over services will soon be available.


Attention to Detail

In addition to our translation services, Language Catcher may also be able to assist you with your notarisation, certification and witnessing requirements through its network of service providers.  If your documents are intended for use overseas, notarisation/certification by a Notary Public may be required by government authorities.  Documents that may require notarisation include:

  • government document (e.g photocopy of Australian passport)

  • private documents (e.g company documents, wills, powers of attorney, documents issued by a chamber of commerce and industry)

  • Education documents: photocopies of university transcripts/degrees,

  • photocopies of TAFE, CIT documents, photocopies of HSC, VCE documents and other photocopies of documents issued by private colleges or schools.

Notarial services will incur an additional fee. We can also assist you in obtaining an Apostille/Authentication from the Australian Department of Foreign Affairs & Trade (DFAT). Please check the legalisation requirements of the foreign authorities and/or DFAT prior to making an appointment.  See our sections FAQs and Rates for further information

LANGUAGE CATCHER NAATI Translation French English
LANGUAGE CATCHER NAATI Translation French English


Attention to Detail

We translate and certify a broad range of academic documents such as:

  • school academic diplomas and transcripts,

  • university degrees and transcripts, 

  • research documents and scientific report

  • course descriptions

  • thesis/dissertation

LANGUAGE CATCHER NAATI Translation French English


Attention to Detail

We translate and certify all types of personal and administrative documents required or issued by Federal, state and local administrative agencies (French or Australian authorities).  These documents may include:

  • birth certificate, driver's licence, national I.D cards

  • baptism, marriage, divorce and death certificates

  • Wills

  • CVs/resumes, cover letters & reference letters

  • police clearance certificates

  • health care and social security documents (e.g Centrelink, Sécurité Sociale)

  • passport documents

  • immigration and visa documents

LANGUAGE CATCHER NAATI Translation French English
LANGUAGE CATCHER NAATI Translation French English


Always Prepared

We translate a wide range of business and corporate documents such as:

  • investment reports

  • product disclosure statements

  • annual reports


Expert Service

we work with Australian government agencies, international organisations, non-profit entities and community organisations to develop and translate documents targeting local communities.  Examples of our work include: 

  • Community marketing campaigns (e.g marketing brochures)

  • Online articles & educational materials

  • guidelines & information sheets

LANGUAGE CATCHER NAATI Translation French English
LANGUAGE CATCHER NAATI Translation French English


Supporting your creative project

At LANGUAGE CATCHER™ we understand the importance of preserving the same quality and tone of the original prose in your target language. Our manager will work closely with you to ensure that the emotional and intellectual content of your creative work is properly conveyed. We offer our translation services for the following literary works and genres:

  • Comic books/Graphic novels

  • Novels & books (sci-fi, fantasy, horror, fiction, non-fiction)

  • Plays, short stories

  • Educational textbooks and articles

  • Legal textbooks and journal articles

  • Pop culture and music journal/magazine articles

  • Journalistic essays, critical reviews.

LANGUAGE CATCHER NAATI Translation French English


Attention to Detail

Medical translation requires precision and up-to-date technical knowledge. LANGUAGE CATCHER™ may be able to assist you with the translation of various medical documents, including:

  • medical/healthcare equipment user guides and instructions

  • medical and pharmaceutical product information

  • pharmaceutical labels and marketing collateral

LANGUAGE CATCHER NAATI Translation French English


Engage with international customers

LANGUAGE CATCHER™ can also assist you with the translation of your website or IT project and deliver scalable, high-value, locally relevant content to global customers. Our services include:

  • Website and software localisation

  • internet app translation

  • gaming translation

LANGUAGE CATCHER NAATI Translation French English

Marketing / Advertising

Sending the right message

The adaptation of your brand message and marketing materials to foreign markets or local ethnic communities is particularly challenging and requires an in-depth knowledge of the target audience, language and culture. LANGUAGE CATCHER™ will work with you to make sure that your message comes across exactly as you intended. LANGUAGE CATCHER™ provides a wide range of marketing/advertising translation services & transcreation tailored to your needs.

  • Informational & product brochures, flyers, catalogs, labels

  • advertising and promotional materials for various industries including travel, hospitality ( e.g hotel brochure, restaurant menus) and tourism

  • media kits, trade show materials

  • promotional messages and slogans

  • press releases, magazine articles, online articles

LANGUAGE CATCHER NAATI Translation French English


Doing our part to assist your international expansion

Business translation is vital for any company aiming to work at an international level. LANGUAGE CATCHER™ can translate various export/import documents, website content and other promotional materials to position your business for success in competitive international markets.  Examples of our work include:​

  • Import/export business documents

  • market studies & presentations

  • website, promotional materials and advertising/packaging

  • business newsletters

  • business reports

  • partnership agreements



Quality & Precision

LANGUAGE CATCHER™ provides technical translation services to global companies across a variety of manufacturing industries including construction, automotive, technology, mining, automotive. For large and complex assignments  we will use our extensive network relationships to connect you with a specialised professional linguist with the relevant technical background.  Examples of translated documents include:

  • Technical patents;

  • User installation and maintenance manuals

  • product catalogs

  • In-car entertainment user interfaces

  • packaging and labelling.

LANGUAGE CATCHER NAATI Translation French English

Proofreading & Editing

Quality control

LANGUAGE CATCHER™ offers separate professional editing and proofreading services to ensure higher quality of your documents prior to use/publication. The terms editing and proofreading are often used interchangeably but they mean two different things:



This the process of checking the text to make sure that the correct terminology was used. This process does not focus on the form but rather on the terminology used.

  • Our editing services include an extensive reviewing of the translated text against the original to check for any mistranslations, misinterpretations, vocabulary inconsistencies, and grammatical linguistic errors. This process typically requires more time than proofreading as the editor may have to conduct a lot more research using specialised dictionaries or glossaries.  Editing is not limited to correcting errors but also consists of improving the content and style of a text. The key issue is the general comprehension of the reader. 

  • The editor will recommend some changes or corrections and it is up to the translator of the original document (not the editor) to implement those changes.


  • Proofreading is the process of examining a text and looking for spelling, grammar, syntax and punctuation errors, typos and other unintended mistakes. The meaning of words and terminology is irrelevant here, as the job focuses only on the correctness/form of the text. It is a contextual/factual review only. This step is usually undertaken on the final version of a text immediately before printing/publication.

LANGUAGE CATCHER NAATI Translation French English
LANGUAGE CATCHER NAATI Translation French English


We'll be your voice

I have acted as an interpreter on a ad hoc basis several times during my professional career and I am currently undertaking further academic training to become a NAATI interpreter. If you require a non-NAATI interpreter, I might be able to help depending on the nature of the assignment. Otherwise, I would be more than happy to recommend other highly qualified NAATI interpreters to assist you. 

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